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In January of 2017, just after a performance at the Art of Live Festival, LOOPRAT reconvened at Suburban Pro Studios in the early hours of the morning. The ensemble included five MCs [NatKingFlo, Will-Be, Mugen, David Bohlen and newest member Armani] as well as a six piece ensemble [Joseph Ferber on Guitar, Luke Smith on Keys, Tonina Saputo on Bass, Keith Bowman on Drums, Khamali Cuffie-Moore on Trumpet and Sam Katz on Saxaphone]. The group put together their longest single take track to date: a 14 minute cypher. LOOPRAT is back with a full serving of JazzRap as a follow up to 2016’s “How Live?” 

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Video Shot by SomethingWonderful

Video Premier: In (<) No Time  

Check out the lead single and title track for LOOPRAT's forthcoming EP: In (<) No Time. The project will feature 7 free tracks with some of the industry's premier Hip-Hop producers including Pro Era's Chuck Strangers & Bruce Leekix as well as Chicago's OnGaud production team. 

The video was shot by GaddyFilms and edited by LOOPRAT MC NatKingFlo.

In (<) No Time is set to release August 28th. Follow LOOPRAT on Instagram, Facebook and Soundcloud to stay up to date on the latest news and content.

Stream the track here:

Soul Food 4 Thought | Ep. 1  

Bohlen Family Farms and LOOPRAT Music present: 

'Soul Food 4 Thought' , a St. Louis based pop-up dinner/concert experience and web series.  

Rooted in the desire to provide our local communities more enriching and nourishing content, we will partner with area chefs to create a night of food and music that is great for your mind, body and soul.  

The first event of 2017 was hosted at Boundary at the Cheshire, with Chef Rex Hale designing the menu and exclusively sourcing ingredients from Bohlen Farms. 

Music composed by David Bohlen and LOOPRAT

Shot and edited by Nate King

LOOPRAT - Sofar Sounds STL (Live Performance Video) 

LOOPRAT performing "Knowledge & Bread" at Sofar St. Louis on February 19th, 2017

With Knowledge & Bread (K&B), LOOPRAT MCs Will-Be and Mugen express the culmination of learning to pair business and authenticity in the arts. A reoccurring trope in the group's dynamic is the concept of continuum: a process oriented, long term, adaptable axiom of writing, musicianship and life. This is relayed as the lyrics journey through description of normative city hustle, change through time, travel, death and hardship, personal identity, mental clarity, humility and confidence. The overarching concept is that we all stand on the shoulders of giants, building on and with the same humanity that our predecessors experienced. Hip-Hop culture has always centered on knowledge and breaking bread. As such, we ask for this day to give us our daily bread and the opportunity to eat, learn, sleep, and repeat.

Video Premier: We (Live From the Vangaurd) 

The social and political tension surrounding St. Louis is undeniable. Hip-Hop and various art cultures are key to breaking through the barriers preventing discussion on these topics. With We (Live from the Vanguard), LOOPRAT opens the dialogue on the political stakes at hand in an America more divided than ever. The song is the third single off of this summer’s How Live?   

Follow the Link to watch the video premier via TeamBackPack:
We (Live From the Vangaurd)


All the Way Live OFFICIAL VIDEO Release  

In anticipation of the forthcoming ‘How Live?’ project, Saint Louis based collective LOOPRAT showcases visuals for  ‘All the Way Live’. The video is the first  promotional release for the upcoming jazzrap project, set to drop August 26 on digital platforms. This marks the beginning of a string of visual releases from the group for the new project, which features a 10 piece jazz ensemble and the groups' four MCs.  The album represents the collective as a whole with original compositions from the jazzrap band. 

NEW VIDEO | LOOPRAT | If You Didn't Know | Monkey King Productions 

'If You Didn't Know" was the first single for LOOPRAT's upcoming "How We Live EP", so it is fitting that it is the last track to get the video treatment before the project drops. It's all content no gimmicks here, which is showcased by the high quality lyrical compositions of all four MCs from the collective: David Bohlen, NatKingFlo, Mugen and Will-Be. Together they embark on a a journey to spread the good word on the excellence that is universal Hip-Hop expressed through the individual.
The How We Live EP is coming in late July.


Special thanks to Nato Neri & Stephen Greathouse with Monkey King Productions for the video direction, editing and excellent overall execution.    

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