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LOOPRAT 2020 'Tiny Desk' Submission + Album Announcement  

The LOOPRAT Collective comes together yet again for another submission to NPR's Tiny Desk Contest. Check out the gospel inspired cut produced by Davie Napalm, featuring Greg Sallie on organ and Lisa Houdei and Ciara Marcano as the featured chorus. Hopefully this one will lift your spirits as we all find ways to come together while staying safely distanced for the time being. Make sure to share the video if you are vibing, and let @nprmusic know as much on social media! 

Tucked into the description of the video on YouTube is an announcement of sorts. "Album OTW" , and indeed it is! Literally as we planned our final recording session earlier this month, St. Louis followed the rest of the globe in instituting quarantine measures to help fight the spread of Covid-19. With such uncertainty in the immediate future we can't set a date for release, but look forward to seeing everyone on the other side as soon as possible. Stay safe, stay home, play LOOPRAT at loud volumes from your balcony. 


LOOPRAT Welcomes Newest Member 'Black Buddha Bear' w/ Collab 

LOOPRAT is happy to introduce our newest member, an incredible soul singer who you will get to know very well soon enough. Micah 'Black Buddha Bear' Shelton started working with the crew at the start of the summer. While we have been putting finishing touches on many group tracks for an upcoming project we decided to collaborate and release a single with an STL based production duo 'The Belief Cycle'. Excited to share this one!

Stream 'Never Better' today on all major platforms!

Enjoy the first appearance of many by Black Buddha Bear. 

Guitarist Joey Ferber releases Debut Single/Video 

"Silly Affairs" is Joey Ferber's debut single and considering his role as a guitarist for the St. Louis based jazz hip-hop collective, LOOPRAT, it makes sense that it is a collaborative effort. Ferber, a burgeoning singer-songwriter in his own right teamed up with fellow LOOPRAT NatKingFlo for this whimsical, guitar-laden bop, that's stylings resemble something like R&B with a dash of rap. While the song's playful aesthetic hints at love and heartbreak, its core gets at the deep, sometimes complicated emotions behind romance. The song recognizes the importance of choosing time wisely, spending it with people who have your best interest in mind and vice versa. But as the video details,  these decisions aren't always so clear cut. Ego gets involved, and next thing you know, lessons get learned the hard way. 

    For the visuals, Ferber teamed up with fellow St. Louisan, Freddy D'angelo to create what ended up feeling more like a short film than a music video. As far as follow ups, expect more collaborative efforts and solo content to support his debut drop.

New Music: Draw the Line 

LOOPRAT MC ZenMugen debuts the lead single for his upcoming project “Wisdom Unlimited EP” via LOOPRAT Music. The self-reflective content pairs with a classic instrumental from keynote LOOPRAT artist Davie Napalm. The concise wordplay and distinctive delivery showcases the collectives Hip Hop stylings while the message resonates with the trials and ultimate redemption of one man's journey.

Single art was commissioned from Marco Faßbender depicting the unknown of the horizon as well as the transition from mundane to sacred associated with the gateways of Buddhist shrines. The sound is a triumphant return from Mugen’s brief hiatus after his debut “Full Circle” released in November 2017.

Listen to the song here.

#WisdomUnlimited summer 2018...



In January of 2017, just after a performance at the Art of Live Festival, LOOPRAT reconvened at Suburban Pro Studios in the early hours of the morning. The ensemble included five MCs [NatKingFlo, Will-Be, Mugen, David Bohlen and newest member Armani] as well as a six piece ensemble [Joseph Ferber on Guitar, Luke Smith on Keys, Tonina Saputo on Bass, Keith Bowman on Drums, Khamali Cuffie-Moore on Trumpet and Sam Katz on Saxaphone]. The group put together their longest single take track to date: a 14 minute cypher. LOOPRAT is back with a full serving of JazzRap as a follow up to 2016’s “How Live?” 

Stream on Spotify 
Stream on Tidal

Video Shot by SomethingWonderful

Full Circle: Demo Tape by ZenMugen 

LOOPRAT MC ZenMugen has been working with the collective in the Saint Louis music scene since 2013. Through the years, he has contributed to all five of the group's releases to date, both directly with lyrics and indirectly as a creative support and springboard. His new Demo Tape titled 'Full Circle' sees to an exploration of trials, lessons, and growth ultimately centering on and circling back to the identity he has worked to achieve as an artist.

Production covers a range of influences on the Midwestern sage, both classic and contemporaries. LOOPRAT producer Davie Napalm contributes 3 original beats including the single 'In the Thick of the Madness.' The cover art, white charcoal on black paper, is an accurate depiction of a collapsing black hole created by a physics student with a knack for expressive mediums. Logo and text work done by freeztheartist. Digital edit done by NatKingFlo. Mixed and mastered by Matt Sawicki at Suburban Pro Studios.

Stream full project here!

or Download on our website

ZenMugen: Full Circle 

LOOPRAT MC ZenMugen has been meditating on the art of Hip Hop for years. His emergence as a solo artist has been an impending moment. Next Tuesday, his debut project, a demo tape titled ‘Full Circle’ releases in tandem with his first show at the Firebird. The the project will be available here on the music tab of the LOOPRAT website as well as on SoundCloud and Bandcamp. Stay tuned for further updates.


Album Release: In < No Time 

With a over a year passing since the release of a new project from the LOOPRAT collective, the time has come. The long awaited, heavily anticipated EP 'In < No Time' is sonically balanced between the classic and current, while showcasing expressive and cerebral content from LOOPRAT's MCs. Thought provoking lyrics are paired over instrumentals from ProEra's Chuck Strangers and Bruce Leekix as well as Chicago's OnGaud production team. Art by freeztheartist & ritehandrobot. Scratches by DJ vThom.

Stream here:

or Download on our website!

Video Premier: In (<) No Time  

Check out the lead single and title track for LOOPRAT's forthcoming EP: In (<) No Time. The project will feature 7 free tracks with some of the industry's premier Hip-Hop producers including Pro Era's Chuck Strangers & Bruce Leekix as well as Chicago's OnGaud production team. 

The video was shot by GaddyFilms and edited by LOOPRAT MC NatKingFlo.

In (<) No Time is set to release August 28th. Follow LOOPRAT on Instagram, Facebook and Soundcloud to stay up to date on the latest news and content.

Stream the track here: