Our Story

LOOPRAT is a JazzRap collective from St. Louis, MO consisting of 4 MCs, a soul singer, and a jazz quartet. Many of our members met and began playing music together in high school jazz band at University City High School. In the summer of 2014 while home from college we decided to record an EP and book a few shows. The response from our St. Louis music community was incredibly supportive and we began playing as many gigs together as we could when home from school. 

As was often the case then, we convened in the summer of 2016 for a few months of creativity and creation. We added a new member or two to the collective and worked closely with a handful of great musicians in our local network. The culmination was the 2016 release of our debut full length project 'How Live?' (and accompanying 'How We Live'). We could not have anticipated the response we would get from every corner of the world and are so thankful to everyone who tuned in. 

As we all began to finish school and balance life and career choices with the incoming opportunities from around the country we went through a transitional period if you will. Some people moved cities and got jobs. We played the shows we could make work, we recorded over holidays, we added new faces, we released some music, we scrapped an album. What we didn't do is stop working on the craft and pushing ourselves musically, and we are happy to have even more new content to share in 2020. 


NatKingFlo: An original member of the LOOPRAT crew his abilities range from writing to composition, from visual to lyrical to musical and anywhere in-between. Nate graduated from Webster University in 2017 with a degree in media communications. [MC, Producer]

David Bohlen: Bohlen, also known as Davie Napalm, joined the LOOPRAT crew in 2015. Similarly to NatKingFlo, his relationship with Hip-Hop was longstanding before joining the group. Despite a catalog of unreleased demos, it was in 2016 that Napalm released his debut project: LOOPRAT's 'How We Live EP'. The project features classical Hip-Hop exclusively produced by Bohlen. When not working on music, David manages his own family farm with his partner and brother Thomas.  [MC, Producer]

Armani: Newest MC of LOOPRAT and an artist who has worked with David Bohlen over the years as they both honed their craft. In 2016, Armani released his debut project '(Al)most.' His 2017 follow up 'What I Think' is his first full length project. With work on the new band project underway, expect more collaboration with the crew in the future. [MC]

Will-Be: The man behind the collectives name, Will-Be is a proud St. Louis native with roots in Philadelphia and North Carolina. The hip-hop culture of these two areas combined with the huSTLe mentality of Saint Louis are the origins of Will's ill flows and enthusiasm for rap culture. With completion of a business degree from the University of Missouri in Spring of 2018, the young entrepreneur is a networking savvy industry level representative of the group. His skill set ranges from organizing and promoting shows to expanding the brand all while operating as a talented artist. [MC]


Black Buddha Bear: A self taught musician, Micah joined the crew in 2019 and has been key to the creative process ever since. His powerful and soulful voice is just what we needed to add to the mix. Keep your ears open for lots of Black Buddha Bear on our records. 

Joey Ferber: Joseph has had a hand in LOOPRAT's development since the humble beginnings of the group. As a musician, writer, and teaching artist, Joseph works long days and busy nights splitting time between many of life's discipline's. A listener by trade, Joseph expects more evolution in the music of LOOPRAT as the creative process has always been one of growing pains and pleasant surprise. For Ferber, it is an honor to play with the individuals who comprise LOOPRAT on any given day, and the experience gained within the group has been essential to his growth as a creative, and as a human being. [Guitarist]

Sam Katz: A graduate of the University of Cincinnati music program, Sam's classical jazz training allows him to coordinate and compose many LOOPRAT originals in addition to revising the drafts of other producers and musicians in the group. Katz has been a key source for creating, evolving and sustaining the LOOPRAT sound. [Saxophonist]

Albert Marshall: A graduate from the University of Lawrence, Wisconsin with a degree in physics, Marshall has taken a job in Saint Louis and will continue his tenure as the righteous, groovy baseline of LOOPRAT's ensemble. Additionally, Albert is the bandleader of the affiliated jazz side project Quintessential, comprised of the LOOPRAT instrumentalists[Bassist]

Michael Perry: Hailing from East St. Louis, Mike joined the group in 2017 and is continuing his hometown's legacy of phenomenal musicians. He has honed his skills growing up playing drums in church and is instrumental in continuing the LOOPRAT sound.