LOOPRAT - Sofar Sounds STL (Live Performance Video)

LOOPRAT performing "Knowledge & Bread" at Sofar St. Louis on February 19th, 2017

With Knowledge & Bread (K&B), LOOPRAT MCs Will-Be and Mugen express the culmination of learning to pair business and authenticity in the arts. A reoccurring trope in the group's dynamic is the concept of continuum: a process oriented, long term, adaptable axiom of writing, musicianship and life. This is relayed as the lyrics journey through description of normative city hustle, change through time, travel, death and hardship, personal identity, mental clarity, humility and confidence. The overarching concept is that we all stand on the shoulders of giants, building on and with the same humanity that our predecessors experienced. Hip-Hop culture has always centered on knowledge and breaking bread. As such, we ask for this day to give us our daily bread and the opportunity to eat, learn, sleep, and repeat.