"How Live?" Album Release

“How Live?” is the newest release from St. Louis jazzrap collective LOOPRAT. The project features eleven tracks from over a dozen artists rooted in the styles of jazz, hip-hop, funk, soul and spoken word. As a collective, LOOPRAT and their featured artists span the geography of St. Louis, making music that bridges divides of genre and culture. “How Live?” takes listeners through the lows and highs of life in St. Louis, from the harsh racial realities to cathartic celebrations of blues and hip-hop music. “How Live?” orchestrates a broad emotional spectrum from jazz-soul tracks like ‘Through the Gradient’ and ‘The Deck’ about deep-seeded forces of self-affirmation and trust to inspirational social anthems like ‘We’ and their edition of the St. Louis blues, ‘All The Way Live’.  This project is an amalgamation of difference, a trait that the group strives to achieve in a country operating on fear and hatred.

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