1. Pressure

From the recording Pressure EP


I'm watching the train pass
See it's graffiti painted
I'm burning this pressure
And now the pressures alleviated
I think it's the tic tacz
Or was it the jimmy choo
I took it out a state with brother Tommy
And jimmy too
If y'all was in my position
What would you really do
Most niggas wouldn't make it
One day in mine Really duke
I Just need a sip of the duess
Just bought a case of games reds
Imma put em to use
Just gave my girl
A masterclass in playing the flute
You know it's wintertime
All I do is stay in the stu
Like Jamaican goat
Ganja got the young Ras smiling
Like you made a joke
Half gram a hash in the blunt to make em choke
Bricks of the of the bubble
Look like we Makin soap
Ladies love em
All I gotta do is smile to make em soak
Kid I hope you taking notes
Stacking high and laying low
You run ya mouth
And someone gon hear you that's just the way it go

That's just the way it go
That's just the way it go
That's just the way it go

The only way I know
Is to get it myself
No matter where it's at
Come back redistribute the wealth
I'm a family man
Double count whatever you hand me man
If it's off my nigga got the ratchet
He the handyman
Bro got the skittlez in production
He the candyman
If we in the A
Id say D Cat the camera man
Give me bout a year
And imma de cap the lambo van
Bubble wrap the package
Then he rewrapped it in siran
As you can see
To Keep traffic is the plan
Like rush hour in Cali
Nigga I'm Jackie Chan
But got the handmade Charas
It's Like it's Pakistan
Club digi
Packed, no seats
Bitch you gon have to stand
Napalms the general now
Product Available in every hood
Like general tsao
Music ain't enough
Everybody want visuals now
Hardly want hard copies
Everything is digital now
Every seconds critical now
No time to waste at all
I think you niggas got covid homie
No taste at all
Gon hate but Watch how you talk to me
I love breaking jaws
Buy my tape
I need the Jordan 4 retros they made with Kaws
It's for a great kaws